Armand Hessels

After being personally confronted with corruption, Armand Hessels started investigating the way government ‘was doing business’. It resulted that there was a huge gap between the ideals and the reality of governance. More investigation and analysis led to the insight that the paradise-like situation for politicians Aruba were close to idealistic. As president of the Aruban foundation for good governance, he contributed in the making of detailed reports about the quality of personnel policy, financial administration, transparency, the functioning of Parliament and integrity during the last 30 years.

He is convinced that ‘traditional politics’ is seriously affecting the financial, economic and social health of Aruba. Therefor there is a great need for fundamental change. That can only be done if the Aruban citizens realize the negative consequences of ‘traditional politics’ and demand good governance. This should be done in a positive and organized way, involving as many stakeholders as possible. In the end, good governance is everybody’s responsibility!